how to avoid corona virus

how to avoid corona virus

Corona virus is a major disease.  It has not yet received any treatment.  There is only one cure for this, prevention is the cure, there is no vaccine of this virus yet and this virus has spread all over the world.  Due to this virus, millions of people have fallen prey to this virus.  Because of which thousands of people have died


Help stop coronavirus

1. Do not shanke hands, bow

2. Stay home stay safe

3. 20 Seconds hand wash

4. Wear nose mask

5. Keep social distancing

What is Coronavirus

What to do?

If you are going outside the house and find a preson, do not shanke hands with him. Have to great only with folded hands

Do not shake hands, bow

Stay at home should be safe, do not go out of the house without any emergency work

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How Can You Try to Stay Well

If you have come out of the house, then wash your hands thoroughly with soap or sanitizer for 20 seconds

The 20_ Second Hand Wash

Use Tissue Paper and Handkerchiefs While Spraying.
You should use handkerchiefs and tissue paper when you Sneeze or cough. If you are going out of the house, put a mask on your mouth and go out of the house

Wear Nose Mask

to break the chain of this corona virus, you should follow social distancing, do not rush in one place and keep away from people

Take Care of Social Distancing.


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